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Harvest Moon was created to celebrate the seeds we plant not only in our physical yoga practice but as it applies mentally, physiologically, and spiritually throughout the seasons of life. The Harvest Moon is a symbolic representation for celebrating the build up of sowing seeds, hard work, and dedication to mind-body-spirit connection that is the essence of yoga.  


Everyone is encouraged to come as you are, to explore the resources on this site, comment as you wish, and dare to harvest the benefits of a holistic yoga practice in your daily life! Join in a growing community of yoga practitioners and find out first hand just how powerful the practice can be in your life.  


This site is a safe space for practice, growth, and sharing with respect to the wisdom passed through thousand-years old yoga traditions and modern adaptations. Do not be intimidated if you are new to yoga! We all start somewhere and we all walk slightly different paths in life.  Honor that.  Honor your unique journey. 


                       🙏I  bow to the unique energy and spirit that is you!


“Every tomorrow is determined by every today." -Yogananda

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