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Spring Season Considerations

In Ayurveda, Spring season is ruled by Kapha (water + Earth dominant characteristics). There are still plenty of viruses circulating from Winter and seasonal allergies are on our doorsteps. The weather is generally cool and damp with an abundance of precipitation. We feel Spring. It’s marching in! The water and Earthiness is palpable during this season. The phlegm and heaviness is also building up. Often times digestion becomes sluggish as well. How can we build and maintain our container & Ojas (vital energy) this season? Along with your regular daily routines, here are some considerations to help you get through Kapha Season:

  1. Cleanse & tend to your sensory organs each day. Gunk can easily build up in the mouth, nose, eyes & ears.

  2. In terms of diet, consider Kapha-inducing foods like dairy (except yogurt) ice cream, rich & dense foods, super sweet foods and try to lessen these or counter them with more drying and astringent foods.

  3. In your mind, do you feel foggy or dull? Consider Kapha resides not only in our physical bodies but also in our hearts (emotionally) and minds (mentally). Try getting more fresh air on a brisk walk and do something mentally stimulating like a word puzzle or trivia.

  4. In your heart and emotions, you might feel heavy and weighed down, sadness or just melancholy. Journaling, listening to music you like, talking to a friend and making sacred time to yourself may be helpful ways to move the emotional Kapha. Laughing can also be a great anecdote—however you find laughter.

  5. Moving the physical body and breaking a sweat helps balance excess Kapha.

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